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Helping a Friend
After giving Link a lesson he wouldn't be forgetting anytime soon, even though it was the fault of a cocco, Maple was able to calm herself enough to not step, bash, or shrink Link into oblivion. After picking Link up, Maple carefully treats Link's wounds as she flies home to see if she can reverse the shrink spell she cast on him. However, the shrinking spell was a accident and she doesn't know how to reverse the shrinking spell. Thankfully for the witch herself, her teacher gave her a spell book the can reverse whatever spell she cast, all she needs to do is have full concentration. As long nothing distracts her, Maple should be able to fix Link up.

A continuation of "Small Misunderstanding," hope you guys like this one.....also, has anyone seen the gold cocco anywhere, Link seemed to lost it after the beating he took from Maple.
Rise of the Poke Titanesses
"Micro, Micro, let me try a new move....please." Sara, the Braixen says as she begs her trainer if she can try the new move she learned.

"I don't know know, last time you try something, Dex was shrunk for a month and Vivian had a impossible time finding him on you." Micro says as he looks at Vivian, the gardevoir, playing with her little sister, Becky, as well as Maria, the Latias.

"Don't worry, I promise no one will shrink again." Sara says with her adorable puppy dog eyes.

"Ok, just be careful." Micro says as he stands a few feet.

"Yay!! Vivian, Becky, Maria, come here, I want to show a new move." Sara says energetically as she walks towards her other teammate.

Dex, once hearing that Sara was going to try a new move, quickly ran behind Micro in case things go south. Micro, Dex, as well as Derpy the Slowpoke, watch as Sara performs the new move.

"Teleport!" Sara says as she waves the stick she uses as a wand. Suddenly, a bright light blinds the group.

A minute later....

"Everyone ok?" Micro says as he tries to regain his vision.

"Um....Micro....I think you might not like the answer to your question...." Dex says as he points at the sky. Micro looks up and see a green pillar stretching up to the sky. Its wasn't until he heard thunderous noise and earth shattering earthquake that he quickly finds out what the green pillar is.

"Great job Sara, where are we, and where's Master?" Vivian says annoyed as she looks around.

"Beats me, i thought we would be at the last poke center." Sara says as she sits down on grey patch.

"Big sis, look, snow, tee hee." Becky says excitedly as she makes a snow angel on the thin layer of snow and ice.

"Um, girls...can we head back home.... i don't like this." Maria, who not only got teleported with the girls, but to them, grew so much that she's practically hovering in space. Her voice only was loud to the girls.

"J-Just hold on Maria, we'll fix this soon.... fix this, Sara." Vivian says as she glare at Sara.

"Give me a minute ok, now how to reverse the move teleport..." Sara ask herself.

"Big sis, can we play with the strange plants?" Becky says as she points at the same grey patches that Sara sat on.

"sigh....I guess we can until we fix this. Its not like these patches are anything special." Vivian says as she gets on her knees to play with her sister. Little does the girls know just how much trouble they are causing to everyone in the world.
Micro Effect
Tali got sick due to the mission of her getting her suit puncture. Thankfully it wasn't bad, but she will be out of combat for a few days. However, Shepard thought of a idea that could help Tali. Without telling Tali, Shepard thought that he and two others shrink down to microscopic scale and see if its possible to boost Tali's immune system. Thankfully EDI remember a abandon shrink ray that Cerberus was working on. With the shrink ray ready, EDI shrinks Shepard and two others as well as a transporter and put them inside a needle. However, as EDI prepares to give Tali her shot, she warns Shepard that he will have to shrink even smaller if he doesn't want to risk endangering Tali's body of give off a warning to her immune system. Acknowledging EDI's words, Shepard and his group prepare to be inject inside Tali. Once inside, the group shrink themselves more. How small will they shrink, who knows as they better hope EDI will somehow how still be able to contact with them as she is the only one that can grow them back to normal.

Something I want to do with my favorite character in the mass effect series. I'm honestly surprise no one thought of this idea with someone like Tali.
Massive Party Above
a kid decides that he wanted to sneak inside Freddy's pizzeria after he heard that they had new animatronics. Getting inside the place was easy as the place never seem to have security at night. However, once inside, he found the place absolutely dark. It was when he bump into something that caught him off guard, he looks up to see a animatronic that looks like Chica, but different. He pokes the robot but nothing seem to happen. It was when he saw a cupcake on her hand that he decide to see if it could do something. But the second he grab the cupcake, the cupcake glows and blinds the kid. When the kid's vision return, he soon see himself between two orange walls that seem to go on forever. At first, he wonder where he was, it was only when the ground rumbles that he looks up to see just where he was. High up in the sky for many miles, the kid sees the animatronic the boy was messing with now moving. The boy shouted for the giant robot to see him, all while Toy Chica was only wondering where her cupcake went.
With one of my favorite holiday rolling in about four weeks, i think the drawings i will be making for this month will be halloween base.

I have some ideas for these characters:
1) Hex Maniac (1# priority for me)
2)Braixen (pokemon series)
3)Coralin (Coralin movie)
4)Rooty tops (Shantae series)
5)Someone from BattleBorn (Thus anyone remember that game?)

Sadley, that is about as much fictional characters that i can actually think of that is even related to halloween or something spooky. I'll see what i can come up, but hopefully i will finish most of the drawing i want to do before Halloween.


United States
just making rps for fun


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Comments, i got the majority, i just need to make the drawing.
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